Covid 19 Care

How we ensure Safety & Good Health in Covid-19 Crisis

So Far, we have seen that the best way to overcome the Corona Pandemic

is to Maintain Safe Distance among each other. We have ensured that our
WareHouses are maintained in a way so as to discourage any collection 
of any group of people.

our warehouse and Delivery Hubs are Sanitized regularly

and properly to ensure Zero-Surface-Transmission of the Virus.

We Ensure that all of us at Jaipur Fabric, including

and at all time especially Our Last-Mile Delivery Boys

Wear the required Personal Protection Kit 

2-Layer Breathable Face-Mask
Hand Gloves
Head Caps & Shoe Covers

Although, now that there is a wide-spread caution and

education on understanding the effects of surface-transmission

of the virus, yet We conduct Regular Training for all our Last-Mile

Delivery personnel to ensure Minimum TouchPoints

while making these door-step Deliveries.

All of us at Jaipur Fabric are committed to ensuring

good health and safety to our customers

and to each other.

We do regular Thermal Screenings to detect even

the slightest chance to get any contamination.

Especially after learning that Corona can be so 

asymptomatic in its initial stages.

Again, We understand that as of now, social distancing is the most

effective way to prevent the spread of the killer virus. We appeal to everyone

to Maintain  Safe Distance and spread this information to anyone

(including our last-mile delivery boys) who do not adhere to it.

Stay Home, Stay Safe & Maintain Social Distancing !!


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