Double Bed Sheets

Double Bed Sheets

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Colorful Patchwork Royal Cushion Cover
Colorful Patchwork Royal Cushion Cover
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Buy Double Bedsheets Online at Jaipur Fabric

Bedsheet doesn't seem like an important thing. Is it? Humans spend one-third of their life in bed. It is not only a place where you sleep but is a cocoon, a safe space, the most comfortable and personal place where you spend quality time. What do you think of a bedsheet now? 

A good day starts with a comfortable sleep and a nice bedsheet is very important. Whether you want to give your home a makeover or you want to make a cosy retreat for your personal space, all you need is a wonderful bedsheet.

One of the most essentials for your home that you need to invest in is to buy bedsheets online to help you sleep better physically and mentally. The cotton bedsheet set you buy should not only match the decor of your bedroom but should also be comfortable so that you can drift off to sleep as soon as you lie down on it. 

Many Options on Double Bedsheets available at Jaipur Fabric

We predominantly deal with block printing and tie and dye printing. Both these techniques involve manual effort and thus are solely dependent on the skills of the person carrying out the respective operations. However, if you wish to add custom prints and designs you can do that as well. The fabric with block printing is known as Bandej and that with tie and dye is known as Sanganeri. Both these fabrics are famous all-round the globe and are special in their own way. The type of print has a direct effect on the type of bedsheet available on our website.

Everyone in this world wants to feel royalty and luxury which is not an easy task. But Jaipur Fabric can make you feel that way simply by providing the best double-size bedsheets so that if you wake up the next morning you might feel like you are lying on a soft and breathable comfy sheet. 

Whenever you are purchasing bedsheets you should be aware of the best material to choose from. There are a variety of materials used to manufacture bedsheets. All these have their own advantages. Why only stick to cotton or a blend of cotton for bedsheets when you have so many types to choose from - 

Ethnic Double Bedsheets

An Ethnic bedsheet is one that features patterns or motifs that are considered indigenous or ‘ethnic’ in origin.  The conventional designs, prints, colours and latest collection on Jaipur Fabric brings in some of the new reasons to renovate your bedroom.

Percale Double Bedsheets

Percale is a different way of incorporating threads in the fabric. The warp and weft in the fabric are done in a unique way that the threads form a checkerboard pattern. Percale fabrics are usually very strong. This means that bedsheets made from this material are durable.

Mandala Double Bedsheets

Mandala print is very popular these days. Mandalas are usually circular geometric patterns. Often there’s huge circular geometric shaped art in such bedsheets. 

Peacock Double Bedsheets

The Monsoon Collection at Jaipur Fabric showcases these Beautiful Dancing Peacocks which brings such a calm to the eye. Spread them on your bed and have a lovely sight throughout the day and a deep night's sleep with its super soft touch of Pure Cotton.

Pastel Double Bedsheets

Pastel bedsheets are known to be light and eye-pleasing with colours that bring admiration and compliment your decor. Pastel shade design fabric has become so popular and is instantly handpicked by many people nowadays.

Patchwork Double Bedsheets

Patchwork is usually a collection of different shades of fabric stitched together to form a beautiful pattern. Usually, geometric patterns are made using the patchwork designs along with the applique work which gives the bedsheet an elegant look. Patchwork bedsheets are made by expert artists to choose a specific shade, pattern, themes, and prints. 

Pigment Double Bedsheets

Pigment printing is one of the essential parts of the textile industry. It refers to the dyeing of clothes, dress materials, and bedsheets. Jaipur Fabric offers a wide variety of Pigment print bedsheets at best prices. 

Block Print Double Bedsheets

Block printing is the process of printing patterns by means of engraved wooden blocks. It is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printing. If your bed serves to be the central scene in your bedroom, then opt for a block print bedsheet, as it covers the entire bed with a beautiful block pattern.

Golden Barat Double Bedsheets

Golden Barat is a unique bedsheet range from the house of Jaipur Fabric. This exclusive range of cotton bedsheets is crafted from premium cotton quality that guarantees an aesthetic and ethnic look to your bedroom. 

Fine Poplin Double Bedsheets

These are an exclusive range of cotton bedsheets crafted from premium cotton quality that guarantees a pleasant experience. These bedsheets are classic vibrant Rajasthani designs inspired printed bedsheets. It is a must-have in your collection.

Bagru Print Double Bedsheets

Bagru printing is one of the traditional techniques of printing with natural colour followed by the chippas of a remote place of Rajasthan. When these traditional motifs are designed on a bedsheet, it is bound to give you a royal feeling.

Reasons for shopping double bedsheets from Jaipur Fabric

The answer to this question is simple because we provide the best goods around. We deal exclusively in goods made of Jaipur Fabric. This fabric is one of the best, available in the market and is famous around the globe. It is of great historical significance as well. It first emerged at the scene during the reign of the Mughal Empire. The Mughals were great patrons. This is something that aided India’s rich cultural heritage. This fabric too belongs to this heritage. Visit Jaipur Fabric and check out our amazing collection of handmade bedsheets that ought to take you for a ride through the Mughal dynasty. These designs of Jaipur bedsheets are unique and will definitely brighten the appearance of your bedroom. Be a part of it, feel the rich cultural heritage that you and your country belongs to. The exclusive collection of Jaipur bedsheets that we offer is the best of its kind. So don’t wait any longer, be a part of this exclusive culture now!

If you are wondering where to look for the best double bedsheets online in India, then take up a chance and enjoy the ride of our ethnicity by exploring our online collection. We assure you that our double bedsheets are specifically designed with extreme care that keeps you cool in the summers and warm in the winters, which makes it perfect for all year round.

We believe that nothing can compensate for handmade bedsheets, be it double size or single size. We are committed to providing the 100℅ handmade sheets which are aesthetically fabricated by our artisans who are specialized in block printing and other print works. 

You must be thinking if Jaipur Fabric is providing exclusive bedsheets and other materials, it might be costly! 

But it is reasonable compared to other online sites starting from Rs.749 to 1599, with the occasional discount. Since our bedsheets are handmade, it won't let you feel like you've invested in the wrong place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the double bedsheet?

The standard size of a double bedsheet is 90" x 108" or 230 x 275cm. For a king-size bed, it is recommended to buy a double bedsheet of size 108" x 117" or 275 x 300cm.

What is the standard size for Bedsheets?

The standard size of bedsheets - 

Single Bedsheet

70" x 108"

180 x 275cm
Double Bedsheet
90" x 108"
230 x 275cm
King size Bedsheet
108" x 117"
275 x 300cm
Superking size Bedsheet
120" x 110"
304 x 280cm

What is the thread count in Double bedsheets?

Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, and the more likely it will wear well. Double bedsheets with a thread count of 160 are ideal for a comfortable sleep.

How do I measure my bedsheets?

If the bedsheets are too big, they will slide, tangle and end up on the floor. Measuring the bed or the mattress will let you know exactly what size to buy to ensure a proper fit and a good night's rest. With a measuring tape - 

  • Measure the height from the floor to top of the mattress. 

  • Stretch across the mattress to measure the width

  • Measure from top of the mattress to the headboard to determine the length.

Follow these simple steps to pick out bedsheets based on the size of the mattress.

What is the difference between a queen, double bed, and a full bed?

 A queen-size bed is like a full bed only larger. The average measurement of a queen bed is 60" x 80", making it is six inches wider and six inches longer than a full bed. Whereas double beds are also known as full beds, are the most common bed. They're only 15" wider than a single bed, leaving only 27" of sleep space for each of two adults. A 75" long, a full-size bed may be too short for some taller adults.

What is the difference between Fitted and Flat bedsheets?

Fitted sheets have elasticated corners that are designed to be tucked under the mattress edges to ensure a snug, secure fit. Whereas Flat sheets, also known as top sheets, are traditionally placed on top of the fitted sheet, but beneath duvets and blankets. These are there to make the bed appear more inviting, and to protect your duvet covers and blankets from getting dirty. 

How do you fold Fitted bedsheets?

Drape the Fitted Sheet over your hands. With the top two corners inside out and the elastic edge facing you, hold the fitted sheet with one hand in each of the top corners. Fold the fitted bedsheet in half and tuck in the corners, fold the fitted bedsheet in half again and lay the folded sheet on the Bed

Why choose Double bedsheets from Jaipur Fabric?

Jaipur Fabric is the most popular choice for handmade block printed bedsheets of superior quality. Our attention to detail to the execution of the design and the finishes will allow you to bring your home decor to life. From textured and earthy to soft and luxurious, we offer an exciting range of bedsheets for you to choose from.